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How much does a survey cost?

The prices vary based on the size and scope of the project. The job is basically broken down between field and office time. In the office project setup, city and county research, calculations and drafting all are factored in. In the field drive time, location of horizontal and sometimes vertical control points, terrain, traffic along with scope of work to be completed are all considered. Bottom line is whatever price I give you at the start is what you will get charged. No surprises at the end!

Do I really need a survey?

Sometimes not. One of the first questions I ask when called by the property owner is "why do you want a survey?" Of course, if you are doing any construction near the property lines you definitely should get a survey. When adjoining owners are battling sometimes yes, sometimes no. Many times legal counsel is needed more than a survey. Whatever the issues, I will try to steer you in a common sense direction in order to avoid costly litigation.

I'm adding on to my house. Don't I just need it located and shown on a map for the city to approve my plans?

Depends on the city. The smartest thing you could do is to get an Architectural/Boundary survey that includes setting the property corners and a comprehensive map of the site. That way you won't have any costly slowdowns or shutdowns that will end up costing you more in the long run.

My garage, wall, fence, landscaping, etc. are encroaching on my neighbor. It's been that way a long time, aren't they "grandfathered in?"

I once testified as an expert witness in a court case in Los Angeles where the judge ordered a half foot of an encroaching garage cut off. So anything goes. This is a legal question but people always want to know my opinion. I am going to refer you to a couple articles that have enlightened me on this difficult subject: California Surveyor Issue No. 134 (pg. 11-13) and Disputes over the Location of Existing Walls or Fences in California.

These just a few of the questions that come up. In any case, please feel free to call or email me with any of your concerns.

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